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Supporting your child's return to school during a Pandemic

The pandemic has forced us all to rethink the ways in which we care for ourselves and tend to our needs. It can be especially hard for children to comprehend what is going on. Here are some ways to help your special needs child adjust to these difficult times.

Before the 1st day

When you sit down with your child, let them know there is someone for them to talk to in addition to you. Assure them that speaking to this person is safe, and that it is to help them with their emotions and adjusting to difficult times. Let them know what to expect when they go back, help familiarise with the school/center by showing them pictures of the previous teachers and the school; you can also arrange for an open day for them to go in and have a look around the class and meet their teachers before the big day.


Being to routinise your child with a regular sleep schedule in preparation for going back to regular life. If they have fallen off of a regular sleep schedule, tell them it is important to feel their best and have the most energy. It will put them in an advantageous spot to take on the day and handle their emotions as it does with any of us.


Getting proper nutrition at anticipated times throughout the day is key to success and emotion regulation. Emphasise the importance of a balanced and healthy diet and routine times. The sooner you can help them make this a habit, the better.


Going back to school and therapy can be hard. To help ease the transition for your child, send them off with a favorite toy. Giving them something familiar will help them feel safe and happy. Reassure them that you will be there for them at the end of the day.

We know these times can be hard. If you or your child are experiencing difficulty, please reach out to us today to see how we can help.

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