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Unclear Speech

Is your child's speech unclear? Are you worried and would like to know if he's 'ok' and how you can help?  Then this video is for you.

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تأخر اللغة عند الأطفال

سنناقش التطور النموذجي, وما هي العلامات التي تدل على تأخر لغة طفلك سنتحدث أيضًا عن 5 خطوات بسيطة يمكنك اتخاذها في المنزل والتي ستساعد في دعم مهارات طفلك اللغوية وتطويرها.

Attention Skills

In this short video we talk about how to set up your child's playroom to help support his attention skills

Language Development

Here are 5 simple steps you can take to develop your child's language skills.

Token Charts

Using a Token Chart can help develop your child's attention skills and get him to focus and complete non-favourable activities.  Watch the video to find out how to use them.

Attention Skills

A short video on how to support and improve your child's attention skills. 


Using Story books to develop your child's language

This is an interactive story telling video that demonstrates how we can use simple story books to develop children's language skills in a fun and interactive way.