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It Takes Two to Talk® — The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delays 

The It Takes Two to Talk Program is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age) who have been identified as having a language delay. In a small, personalized group setting, parents learn practical strategies to help their children learn language naturally throughout their day together.

The It Takes Two to Talk Program teaches you, step-by-step, how to become your child’s most important language teacher. The program shows you how to:

  • Recognize your child’s stage and style of communication so that you know which steps to take next

  • Identify what motivates your child to interact with you so you’ll know how to get conversations started

  • Adjust everyday routines to help your child take turns and keep interactions going

  • Follow your child’s lead to build his confidence and encourage him to communicate

  • Add language to interactions with your child to help him understand language and then use it when he is ready

  • Tweak the way you play and read books with your child to help him learn language

  • Change the way you speak to your child so that he’ll understand and learn new words

                                                                                                                                  ...

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