Speech & Articulation 

Is your child's speech unclear? 

Do you and other family members struggle with understanding him or her?    

Articulation is the ability to make sounds.  Children develop sounds in a sequential process.  Although each child is different and may produce sounds at his own rate, there is still a normal developmental pattern that speech sounds develop in.  Children who do not develop their ability to articulate speech sounds based on these milestones are considered to have either delayed or disordered speech development. 

Children with delayed or disordered speech development will struggle with reading, writing and spelling.  Their communication skills will also be impacted as others around them might not understand what they are saying.  We have created a chart that shows at what age each speech sound develops.  Children who are unable to say these sounds according to the age milestones below are considered to have delayed speech development.. 

Children that present with delayed or disordered speech development will require speech therapy to support their articulation skills and be able to say sounds.  

speech development chart 1.jpeg
speech development chart 2.jpeg
Mother and Child

Speech Sound Videos

Did you know we have created videos to help you and your child articulate the speech sounds children struggle with the most.  These videos will guide your child as well as give you tips and tricks to help articulate the sound

Child Model

Online Test

Is your child's speech sounds unclear?  Are you worried about his speech sound development?  We have created an online assessment for parents to complete.  The assessment will give you immediate results and tips on how to support your child. 

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