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Is your child ready for preschool?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

September is only a few weeks away and we all know what that means... it's time to get ready school! The excitement of getting new backpacks, stationary, matching lunch bags is growing!

Scrolling through Instagram or walking through the malls, there's a continuous stream of 'back to school' images and messages. What's the best snack box? Should we get a bag with or without wheels? Did you find matching water bottles? We also need socks, shoes, pencils.... and the list keeps growing.

But let's take a minute, step back and look at the bigger picture. Are our preschoolers ready to go back to school? There's more to a new school year than new bags and stationary. Here are 5 ways to truly help your child get ready for preschool

Tip #1 - Read... Read... Read!

I'm sure you've hear this one before, READING.

The aim is for your child to become a confident independent reader; and the best way of doing that is incorporating reading as part of your daily routine. It doesn't have to be at bed time; instead create a cozy and inviting reading area for your child to access on his own and look through books. Make sure you mix between giving your child the opportunity to look through books on his own and you reading to him. This way you are developing his literacy skills and his confidence at the same time.

Tip #2 - Fine Motor Skills

The aim is to develop your child's pincer grip and his writing skills; and the best way of doing that is by develop his fine motor skills. Using everyday objects laying around the house is a fun and easy way of developing your child's pencil grip. Here are a few activities to consider:

  • Scooping sand with a pencil

  • Peg Puzzles

  • Ice Cube Painting

Tip #3 - Start using that fancy snack box!

The aim is support your child's self help skills and get him to become independent. So, start using that new snack box at home, giving him the opportunity to practice, practice, practice. Take a step back and give your child the opportunity to try opening and closing it on his own, the more he tries the better he gets at doing it.

Instead of using a snack tray/plate at home, use the snack box instead for your morning snacks. Take it a step further by encouraging your child to put the snack box back into his new back when done. Doing this daily will truly help your child become independent at school during snack time!

Tip #4 - Write your name!

The aim is for your child to write his name.

One of the key objectives your child's teacher is going to work on during the school year, is for him to write his name independently. This can sometimes be tricky and frustrating for some kids, especially if they have a longer name. Why not give your child a head start by practicing at home. Here is a handy website that can create customized tracing worksheets with your child's name. Click here

Tip #5 - Don't forget to flush!

The aim is for your child to use the toilet independently. As mothers we do worry about our children when we are not around; and one of the most frequent question i get from mothers is 'Will someone help my child use the toilet when at preschool?'

Personally i would be much more comfortable with my child being able to use the toilet independently with minimal supervision. The best way of getting him to do that, is to practice at home. Put up a visual schedule of what is expected of him and support him through it!

Going back to to school is just around the corner, I hope these 5 tips will help you and your child have a smoother start!

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