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"Music brings the pieces together"

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

There's no doubt that music can affect our emotions and our mood; but have you ever thought about the role music plays in developing our children's communication and attention skills?

Research has shown that Music Therapy can help children's cognitive development, language skills, attention skills and much more; and it was time for us to try it out. So when Florenca (an amazing music therapist) got in touch, I was super excited! We scheduled in weekly group music therapy sessions for our students at Little Village (Riffa Branch) and what I saw after just three sessions has been phenomenal!

Seeing the students eyes light up when they see Florenca is heart warming! But what has amazed me was seeing those students who struggle with attending, interacting and focusing gradually join in and take part. What this confirms is that providing young children with a holistic early intervention program that speaks to all their senses is essential to their development.

This is only a start and I definitely look forward to incorporating more music therapy and other theraputic interventions into our program. Watch this space!

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1 Comment

Aksana Kavaliova
Aksana Kavaliova
Feb 11, 2022

How funny it is that you write "to try it out" when I was working at your place for a year back in 2015-2016, I think :-) Yes, music therapy indeed works!

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