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We are pleased to present our Early Intervention Partners Program that aims to support nurseries and preschools.  Our program providers will work closely with parents and teachers to provide children with the best support they need, as early as possible!

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Participating preschools and schools receive:

  • Free workshops for parents & teachers

  • Free online developmental and language screening of children attending your preschool / school

  • Discounted consultation fees and therapy programs for the students

  • Discounted Village Community Fees

Join the Early Intervention Partners Program!

Your preschool/school can join the Early Intervention Partner Program in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download and complete Agreement (click here)

  2. Fill out the form online form below and upload necessary documents.

  3. Give us a call and book your first FREE workshop

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Join the Early Intervention Partner's Program

Upload Agreement
Upload File

Thanks for registering.

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