Our assessment page consists of a list of comprehensive assessments for parents to complete.  The assessments will give you immediate results on your child's current abilities and next steps for his/her  development.  

تتكون صفحة التقييم الخاصة بنا من قائمة التقييمات الشاملة التي يجب على أولياء الأمور إكمالها. ستمنحك التقييمات نتائج فورية عن قدرات طفلك الحالية والخطوات التالية لتطوره.

Boy Playing with Abacus

General Language Screening

Ages 18months -5 years

This is assessment is a great starting point if you have concerns about your child's communication and language development.  Click here to start

Laughing Child

Stages of Communication

Ages 0 to 5 years

Find out what stage of communication development your child is at and next steps on how to help further develop his/her language skills. Click here to start

Cute Girl in Classroom

Articulation Screening

Ages 6 and above

Are your child's speech sounds unclear?  Complete this quick screening to find it out if your child's speech sound development is normal. Coming soon!